Faces…of T1

I wanted to do a small Portrait Series.. I love how they turned out!! Ive been so excited about this small portrait series.. I wanted to show the Person behind T1… Who are they?? As a parent of 2 Type 1 Diabetics, I see the life, difficulties, hardship, scars, pain and frustration that come with […]

Meet Thyme….

I can’t express how much I love meeting these T1 heroes!! watching my own kids go through all that T1 brings, I know what they all go through, I know the struggle, the strength and all that comes with T1…. These kids are absolutely amazing!! Meet Thyme… She is 10 years old and was diagnosed […]

Meet Zane…

While I am in Washington state Im trying to fit a few photoshoots in and meet a few more Type 1 diabetic heroes!! Although we are on vacation, I try to do a few while I am here. I love meeting them and their families as well. There’s something about chatting with people who know […]

Meet Emilie….

How pretty is this T1 hero?!! Meet Emilie… She is 16 and was diagnosed at 14. She depends on her pump to give her daily insulin to keep her alive. She is an active Girl Scout and is planning on doing her Gold Award on Type 1 awareness. (I loved seeing all of her Girl […]

Meet Cordelia…

What happens when you meet the CUTEST 3 year old T1 hero who loves camping?? aahhhh so much cuteness!!! Meet Cordelia.. She is 3 years old and was diagnosed at age 1. She was a joy to photograph and is so brave!! She doesnt know life “without” diabetes… Its all she knows. What a little […]

Meet Brooklyn…

This beauty…. Meet Brooklyn… She is 12 years old and was diagnosed at age 10. She loves to sing, perform in plays, play volleyball, water ski, wakeboard and spend time with family and friends. I loved meeting with her and photographing her in these daisy fields!