If I knew then what I know now…..

Sometimes I think about those days we had when our kids were first diagnosed…

They were unexpected, hard and filled with unknowns.

What would I tell myself then that I know now?

Oh to have insight on the future!!

When Craig was diagnosed, I remember feeling so sad for him. I learned so much about type 1 diabetes in those first few days and it was terrifying!

How would he go on? Would he be ok? How would we do this every day?

Would he still be himself?

I worried so much for him and for his happiness. … his future.

I now know that yes, he will be just fine.

I’d go back to the children’s hospital and tell myself to calm down, take  deep breath.  Don’t worry so much.  Craig is still Craig.  T1 cannot take that from him.  There will most definitely be difficult times.  He will go through ups and downs of emotions.  He will have trying times of physical health and he will get through them.  He will be strong through this and he will amaze you. He will come out even stronger, healthier and braver than you ever thought!

He will help his friends understand the disease and he will educate others.  He will be a strength in the T1 community by advocating and showing by example.  Craig will push on every single day and it won’t stop him.  He will live his life just as it was meant to be lived.

I don’t think I would tell myself that in just 3 months Madi would be diagnosed! Lol.. That might have pushed me over the edge!

I remember being so shocked at her diagnosis. Even though we had gone through everything with Craig just a few months prior, seeing it with Madi was all new. She was so young and just did not understand the science behind it.  At least with Craig he could understand that he needed the insulin to stay alive. Food=insulin shots.  To Madi, she saw it only as pain.  She cried at every shot, every fingerpoke, even the sight of a nurse she would cry!

I remember in the hospital watching her play in the playcenter.. I sat outside and just looked in, crying.  I felt like I was losing my little girl.  I felt like I was mourning for her life she lived, because her new life would be filled with pain and suffering.  I didn’t want that for her.  I had such a hard time with her diagnosis.  I kept thinking “how are we going to do this?”

I would go back to that day in the hospital and tell myself that even though it doesn’t feel like it today, Madi will be ok.  She will amaze you every single day with her strength and her courage.  It will take some time, but soon enough she will be independent with her finger pokes and shots.  This new diagnosis will not stop her from ANYTHING!  It will not break her.

Id also tell myself that “I” will be ok.  There will be long sleepless nights, days of worry, sadness and endless expensive supplies, but it will keep him alive. Id tell myself to remember to be thankful for those supplies, take naps and push through each day, one day at a time.  If you do that, you will be just fine.  It will take sacrifice and sometimes it will break your heart to see what T1 does to your kids, but you need to be strong.  You need to be strong for them.  You can do this!

Being apparent of 2 T1s or even 1 T1 is a lot of work.  I know parents who even have 3 T` kiddos! It’s a ton of work, worry and sleepless nights.  There is a constant stress of numbers, carbs, insulin, finances, hospital stays, ketones and so much more that never goes away.  You have to keep on…. Each day is a blessing and yes, it will be hard but it will be SO worth it!

Id tell myself to lean on others for support.  There are SO many out there fighting the same battle.  You are NOT alone in this.  It may feel lonely, but if you seek others in your community then you will find support!

There are so many things I would go back and tell myself.

If you are newly diagnosed, or have a child newly diagnosed I’ll tell you now, it’s rough, but it will be ok.

These kids are one of a kind.  They will prove to the world that they are the bravest of the brave!  You will be ok and they will too. Be there for them and let them cry it out.  Then pick yourself back up and take on each day with courage!

It’s hard, and you must be diligent.  You will have days of crying, defeat, no sleep and days where your heart hurts because Type 1 is making your kiddo sick.  But you will have days of success, inspiration and joy following those rough days!  They will achieve great things.

Do not give up. Do not feel guilty for not meeting perfection at those endo appointments.  Do not give in and do not let it beat you.

You are stronger that Type 1.

You are a Hero of Type 1……

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