A T1D silhouette

So I had this idea in my head to do a fun silhouette but I wanted it to be substantial.  I wanted it to wow people and be a powerful image for those in it!

I  really LOVE to do silhouettes and I thought “How many Type 1s can we get for this?”

I got the word out and told everyone to have a theme to their outfits.  If they love music, bring your instrument.. sport? bring your equipment!  It was such a great experience and is one of my most favorite images I have taken.

We had 19 Type 1 diabetics and 2 diabetic alert dogs. It was great to talk with every one and visit too.  The bond you have with others that have T1D is strong…even if you really dont know each other.

aaaa11237217_1670974436520680_2259764789361285400_n                      aaaa12573766_1670974466520677_5430339381920580561_n


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