If I knew then what I know now…..

Sometimes I think about those days we had when our kids were first diagnosed… They were unexpected, hard and filled with unknowns. What would I tell myself then that I know now? Oh to have insight on the future!! When Craig was diagnosed, I remember feeling so sad for him. I learned so much about […]


Meet Spencer… He is 5 years old and was diagnosed at age 3. He loves riding his bike and being active! He came to AZ from Utah to get his pictures done for Heroes Of Type 1! It was so great to meet him. He was a fun kiddo for sure! (can you tell from […]


Meet Emma… She is 10 years old and was diagnosed at age 4. She loves photography so we did a photography theme. I love how they turned out. We had a fun vintage Polaroid camera we used! She was super cute and fun to photograph! She likes to take pictures of nature. She also likes […]


Let me tell you that I LOVED this session. I had this idea of the Riveter and wanted to show the CGM and just be able to make it inspiring and fun! Caitlin rocked it! She is 11 years old and was just diagnosed a year ago. She enjoys music and plays the viola. She […]


Meet Zane… He is 15 and was diagnosed at age 14. I loved meeting him, he has such a sweet countenance (and dont you love his hair! lol) He loves to play basketball and is on his high school team. He works really hard to get good grades and is in the top of his […]

The Book is Out!

Hey guys! The book is out and I am so excited about it! It looks amazing! 116 full color pages of T1 inspiration!! You can purchase your book here: Store here are some pictures of the book release taken by Bell La Via Photography. Another T1 Hero.

5 facts about T1D…..

Madi was really excited to do this fun video.  News Caster Madi from T1 News! She has been practicing for a couple months and we finally taped it!  Enjoy!  

Meet Lelea…

I loved meeting Lelea and his family!  It was SO hot outside (over 100 degrees) and we worked hard to get some good shots without sweating to death.  He even played a song for us! I really love his island vibe, its just soulful and good feeling! He is so talented at such a young […]

Hey D moms…..You got this!

  As moms, we do our best to care for our children.  Many things we do go unseen, but I get it.  I understand. I see you!! Most days we just dont even think of all we can accomplish because we are just living life.. doing what we have to in order to keep it […]

Back to School with T1

Back to school is right around the corner! Are YOU ready?? Im SO not ready! I live for our summer vacations.. That means meetings with teachers, packing diabetic supplies, school shopping, teacher training, and preparing our kids for another school year. When you have a T1 kiddo, back to school is a lot more than […]

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