Meet Aidan…

He is nine years old and was diagnosed at age eight, just a few days before his birthday. He had to spend his birthday in the hospital but was happy to see many visitors. I was able to meet with him and his mom in the hospital after he was dx.  I gave him a Hero of Type 1 shirt and a few necessities for the hospital. lol.  It is so hard to sit in the hospital when dx.  There is so much information, so many mixed emotions, boredom and anxiety that comes with it!  I really hope to get more bags put together for the childrens hospital for newly diagnosed kiddos.

Aidan was supe sweet when I met him and I was glad we could meet up to do a session.  His favorite color is blue. He is a gamer and loves to play his Xbox with his dad and online friends. He is starting his own YouTube channel and enjoys making videos. He is also a big Star Wars fan and has a collection of Star Wars toys and lightsabers.AidanDSC_2646 DSC_2553 quote DSC_2581 DSC_2616

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