Meet Craig & Madi

Well I figured i should introduce the inspiration of this project.  It started with these 2.

In January of 2012 we had the shock of our lives when Craig was diagnosed with T1D.

We knew nothing about the disease and had a lot to take in.  We were scared, sad, worried and most of all confused.

How is this possible?  Is it something we did? We cant fix this? Why? Why him?

We came to terms with it in survival mode.  We did what we had to because well, we HAD to.  We had to learn fast and figure it all out to keep our son alive.  We finally felt like we were getting a hold of things in a sense and learning this new life.  Just 4 months later Madi was diagnosed.  We were devastated!  I didnt think it was possible for Craigs siblings to get it because we were told there was only a 3% chance of that and to me that meant it wouldnt happen. I was wrong!

She was just 4 and screamed at every poke, every shot, all of it.  I literally cried for days.

But again we went into survival mode.  I barely slept, worried and it tore at me heart to see them struggle.

After several months I saw something amazing.

I saw their courage, strength, determination and faith shine so bright!

They pushed through the pain and stress of it Every. Single. Day.

This was the start of Heroes of Type 1.

I photographed them and they gave me quotes to share.  I then decided to reach out to other diabetics and spread the word. I wanted to spread the truth about this disease, the real feelings associated with it and break the myths that surrounded it.

It has been a true joy to meet every person in my project!



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