Meet Sam…

Meet Sam. He is thirty‑five years old and was diagnosed at age ten. He has had a love of baseball since he was three years old. He played baseball in high school and then he played college baseball at Stanford. While playing there, he was a two‑time All‑American, set the school record for career runs scored, and established the College World Series record for career hits. He now plays baseball for the Oakland Athletics. He is a left‑handed batter and fielder. Despite several injuries, he pushed through and worked hard to achieve his MLB dreams. He continues to play for the Oakland A’s and manages his diabetes on-the-go by checking his glucose in the dugout during the games. He makes it his mission to inspire young athletes to not give up, despite type 1.


sam fuldDSC_2299 Our family has a HUGE love of baseball.  All 3 of our boys have grown up playing it, Ive spent countless hours watching their games throughout the years, sitting at practices and having family practice on many occasions since we had so many people lol! Craig has played every year since he was 4 years old and he wants to play in college at Stanford! SO…. I was so excited to get to meet and photograph Sam.  (although I was bummed I couldn’t take Craig because he had a high school game that day so he couldn’t miss school otherwise they wont let him play….lame)

Sam Fuld is a true inspiration and he was such a nice guy!

sam fuldDSC_2390

sam fuldDSC_2443a

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