Gorgeous T1 Hero….

Meet Ellie… She is 6 years old and was diagnosed at age 5.  She loves dressing up, playing with her dolls and anything girly. She enjoys playing with her little sister too.  She wants to be a doctor when she grows up. During her session it started to rain.  She was such a trooper!  It […]

Meet Aidan…

He is nine years old and was diagnosed at age eight, just a few days before his birthday. He had to spend his birthday in the hospital but was happy to see many visitors. I was able to meet with him and his mom in the hospital after he was dx.  I gave him a […]

Meet Kira…

She is 15 years old and was diagnosed at age 11.  She participates in competitive shooting as well as archery.  She loves photography and wants to be a writer.  She is a JDRF youth ambassador and has helped raise over $20,000 to help support a cure!                 

fact: T1D is the leading cause of….

  When I saw this image I knew I wanted to do this idea with it. I love the idea of focusing on the strength these kids show through their lives with t1, instead of the “limitations” t1 causes; because to be honest, there are none!  

Meet Sam…

Meet Sam. He is thirty‑five years old and was diagnosed at age ten. He has had a love of baseball since he was three years old. He played baseball in high school and then he played college baseball at Stanford. While playing there, he was a two‑time All‑American, set the school record for career runs […]

Meet Jason…

Meet Jason. He is forty-four years old and was diagnosed at age twenty nine. He has been a physical education teacher for fourteen years. He works hard to fundraise for a cure and make it fun for all students at the school in which he works! He is currently ranked #1 in the US for […]

Meet Craig & Madi

Well I figured i should introduce the inspiration of this project.  It started with these 2. In January of 2012 we had the shock of our lives when Craig was diagnosed with T1D. We knew nothing about the disease and had a lot to take in.  We were scared, sad, worried and most of all […]

A T1D silhouette

So I had this idea in my head to do a fun silhouette but I wanted it to be substantial.  I wanted it to wow people and be a powerful image for those in it! I  really LOVE to do silhouettes and I thought “How many Type 1s can we get for this?” I got […]

Meet Paloma…

Well this was a fun session!! Meet Paloma… She is 26 and was dx at age 23. She is the creator of @glitter.glucose on Instagram! (GO check her out!) She loves fashion and anything glittery! In her free time she volunteers for the American Diabetes Association and JDRF. Her goal is to change the way […]